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Switching to EV is complicated.

Coordinating all the suppliers necessary to build an EV fleet is a nightmare. For most, the juice isn't worth the squeeze. That's where SHAED comes in. 

We coordinate the supplier network to deliver your EVs how, when, and where you need them. All you have to do is submit your order in the Portal!

We make the switch to EV seamless.


Suppliers represented.


States with product at work.


Years of experience.


Thousand units supplied.

Here's how it works:


Get Portal Access

  • Select your monthly plan

  • Fill out some basic info

  • Take our 5 min training


Submit Your Order

  • Select the exact spec and quantity you need

  • Pay one simple invoice


Enjoy The Upgrade

  • Launch your new EVs

  • We report your fleet's improved efficiencies

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"Coordinating all the suppliers necessary to switch my fleet to EV wasn't worth it. But now, I get exactly what I want and it's totally hands off. Couldn't be easier. Thanks SHAED!"

-  John Doe,  Doe's Trucking

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  • Chassis Dealers

  • Upfit Product

  • Upfit Facilities

  • Charging Infra

  • EvDL

  • Powertrains

  • Parts & Service

  • Financing

  • Voucher Consultants

  • Fleet Management

  • & More!

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